Objectives & Mission


The IAHCRC Consortium aims to accelerate clinical and basic science research in the field of AHC to improve the quality of life of the patients affected by the ATP1A3 diseases and of their families.
Its specific objectives are:

  1. Contribute actively to the collaborative study of the pathogenetic mechanisms of the ATP1A3 diseases and to the development of an effective treatment for all of them;
  2. Promote a better care for all the affected patients, by developing specific standards for the diagnosis and the management of the diseases and by disseminating the information;
  3. Define standard formats, protocols and procedures for the production, the assessment, the collection and the sharing of the information and data for the collaborative studies carried out by the members and for the dissemination of the information inside and outside the Consortium;
  4. Collaborate with the patient associations and any other non-scientific organization in the pursuing of the first three objectives.


To actively involve in the IAHCRC network all the clinical centres, research labs and scientific organizations willing to contribute to the search for an effective treatment and better standards of care for all the patients affected by AHC and all the ATP1A3 diseases, also working in close collaboration with patient associations and related structures and Institutions.





IAHCRC - International Consortium for the Research on Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood and other ATP1A3 related diseases