The supporting partners are all the non-scientific organizations willing to actively contribute to the activities of the Consortium.
They can be of three types:

  • Funders, funding either the current expenses (website, teleconference services, travels, …) or a specific study carried out by the Consortium
  • Logistical Supporters, in particular the patient associations, and patient-driven networks, supporting the IAHCRC in its efforts: to further develop the Node databases; to develop research projects to be submitted for funding to national and international institutions; to organize scientific and educational meetings or diffuse the results of the IAHCRC members to the scientific and medical community ...
  • Staff, appointed by the Consortium for specific tasks: technical support and data management, project coordination and management, administrative secretariat ...



The Scientific Coordinators and all the IAHCRC members heartily thank the organizations that funded the activities and studies of the Consortium in these three years from its official creation.

  • "La Falegnameria" di Vavassori Alessandro, Bergamo, ITALY - Internet Services
  • Cure AHC - American Patient Association for AHC, Raleigh, NC, USA 
  • AFHA - French Patient Association for AHC, St Germain lès Arpajon, FR 
  • AHC Association of Iceland, Reykjavík, IS 
  • AHCUK - AHC Support Group, UK
  • AHC Vereniging Nederland - Dutch Patient Association for AHC
  • AESHA - Spanish Patient Association for AHC, Barcelona, ES 
  • AHC18 + eV - German Patient Association for AHC, DE 
  • AHC-PL - Polish Association for People with AHC, PL


IAHCRC - International Consortium for the Research on Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood and other ATP1A3 related diseases